Trident Maple #11 – Air Layer update January 2014

Trident Maple #11 – Air Layer update January 2014

It’s now quite hot in Melbourne Australia with temperatures last week staying well above 40 degrees Celsius. A good watering regime helped prevent any leaf burn on my deciduous trees but I was a little worried about this air layer.

However all has gone really well and here are some updated photos.

Plenty of new growth.

IMG_7330 IMG_7326

Here’s the surface. It’s definitely swelling at the base now.



I gently removed a very fine layer of the surface soil and it was very pleasing to see plenty of very fine feeder roots.


Highlighted roots









This will be a much nicer tree once the layer is removed but I’m in no rush at all. I think it will be there for quite some time yet to ensure there are enough roots.

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