Japanese Black Pine #21 – August 2017 Update – Repotting

Japanese Black Pine #21 – August 2017 Update –…

It’s only been one year since this tree was repotted and I wanted to inspect the root growth after my feeding regime and the open mix that was used at last repot. It was becoming difficult to water due to the density of the roots and I’m aware repotting this soon may encourage more coarse growth than if it was left but my focus is still on the roots and ensuring this pine is as strong as it possibly can be.

Here’s what I found after just one year – 

There was a lot of roots and they had just woken from dormancy so the timing was perfect. There was lots and lots of mycorrhiza too which always puts a smile on my dial.

I changed the pot as well.

And the end result. Now the plan is to work on the ramification and structure of the tree. The roots are just where I like them.

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