Japanese Black Pine #21 – April 2017 Update – Structural Wiring and Bud Selection

Japanese Black Pine #21 – April 2017 Update –…


So this Japanese Black Pine has had plenty of time for recuperation and to develop a solid root structure. It’s been well fed and left to just build its overall strength and vitality. There is a lot of mycorrhiza visible just below the soil surface so everything looks like it’s heading in the right direction. I have been very keen to get into this one and do the initial structural wiring but I’ve held back…until now.

Here’s the tree as it came of the bench.

There were 3 sacrifice branches that were allowed to run and increase vigour. These will be removed as I’m a little concerned that the tree is putting all it’s energy into the sacrificial growth and not the remaining buds. 

The wound at the back of the trunk has been healing well and it was reactivated and covered with wound putty again. The snails had eaten the last lot!

So the first job was to prune unnecessary buds and branches and remove old needles and just balance the energy of the tree.

The trunk still impresses me and gives me hope.

Warts and all, this is the initial rough wiring of this bonsai. Keep in mind, this is not show wiring but ‘setting the bones’ for the future. 

I’m really pleased with how it is progressing and even though it has been a long, patient journey, that’s what it is, a journey. 


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