Japanese Black Pine #21 – August 2016 Update – Repotting and Angle Change

Japanese Black Pine #21 – August 2016 Update –…

Well it’s been 3 years since I first acquired this tree and repotted it with the only focus being on the strength of the roots and overall health of the tree. Sometimes you just cannot rush; patience really is a virtue.


Initially the tree was removed from the pot. The roots had grown so thick and dense that it took quite some effort to free the tree. The akadama that was in the mix had broken down as it does, and a repot it due.


The roots that had developed were very pleasing to see.


The roots were pruned, and the nebari corrected in a few minor places then the tree was secured back into the same pot. I like this pot as it’s an old one that was purchased on a trip to Osaka and the style suits this tree.


The mix was worked into the pot and then levelled.

Sphagnum moss was chopped and put on top.

The lower trunk is one of the most pleasing features of this tree. The age is really starting to show and makes the work that goes into this bonsai all worth it.

So here’s where the tree was and where it is now –


The tree was tilted to the left to enhance the first movement on the lower trunk and to also make the second bend less horizontal. It also brings the apex back over the centre of the nebari. The tree was also rotated slightly clockwise in the pot so the apex is now leaning forward a little more.

You can see from these photos that the tree is looking far more vigorous now and a nicer shade of green (as opposed to yellow). The tree still hasn’t been wired and depending on the spring growth, this may be on the cards for summer when the tree is decandled. Or, it might just wait until autumn next year. No rush. That’s why this is a project and not just a styling.


  • Michelle

    The nabari looks terrific

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