Japanese Black Pine #21 – The Beginning

Japanese Black Pine #21 – The Beginning

This tree was recently acquired and I was initially attracted to the beautiful bark and overall age of the tree. The original grower was on hand and let me know it’s 24-25 years old.

I don’t think the tree has been repotted in a very long time and it’s health looks to be needing some TLC. There was clear evidence that spider mites were actively eating the tree.



IMG_5710 IMG_5711



When the tree was taken out of the pot you could see that there was only dust remaining between the roots.















Some new roots have just started forming and being the very start of the growing season, the timing for repotting was perfect.

I felt the tree needed to be turned a little clockwise and tilted forward to bring what will be the new apex into prominence.



I wanted a pot with some age and character to it for this tree and I had the perfect one. This was picked this one up from Kouka-en in Osaka, Japan earlier this year.

P1080101 P1080102P1080105P1080104

Here it is after repotting. This will spend at least a week in the workshop and out of the weather. The tree was also given a spray with a lime sulphur mix to take care of the mites that have been giving it a bit of a flogging. The big lip on the pot makes it look a little large for the tree but I think it will “grow” into it over time and be a good match. By turning the tree clockwise the nebari now looks more impressive in my opinion.

The tree is 50cm high and the nebari is 20cm.


I’m in no rush to wire this one, I will just work on the tree’s health for a while and post more of it’s progress over time.

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