Japanese Black Pine #21 – April 2015 Update

Japanese Black Pine #21 – April 2015 Update

So, this tree was pretty weak when I first acquired it. Here is a refresher –


That was in September 2013. It was repotted into an open mix, consistently fed really well with organic fertiliser, kept in full sun and allowed to grow. Only the apex was decandled in summer and basically it was left alone until April 2015.

During this time the roots have grown and the surface had become very compacted so it was time to open it up a little and add a new surface layer.












While the tree was in the workshop I decided to do some work on the scar around the back of the trunk that is from a sacrifice branch.












So the inner rim of the cambium layer that has formed was scratched a little to reactivate the healing process. Then the wound is covered with cut paste. We’ll see what has happened in spring.

IMG_4417 IMG_4418











It’s autumn at the moment so I also went through the tree and selected buds and did a small amount of needle plucking. There were 2 year old needles that had started to drop and I wanted to ensure good air flow and sunlight into the inner areas.


Here’s how it looks now –












It’s much healthier and the overall vigour of the tree has significantly improved as well as the colour of the needles. It’s been given another dose of fertiliser too before winter comes along.










While I was working on the tree I found the harsh angle of the trunk to be a little disturbing so I’m going to rotate the tree clockwise when I repot in Spring.












This rotation reveals more of the trunk line, creates more interest and displays the nebari much better.

So for now, it’s more sun, more wind and fertilising until winter.

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