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Trident Maple #11 – Update July 2017

It’s the start of the repotting season here in Melbourne, Australia and also time for an update on this Trident Maple Bonsai. The root mass has become quite dense and I’m pleased with the development of the roots. I find repotting very satisfying and shows the rewards of the care you give your trees.

Here’s the view when it was removed from the pot. Plenty of roots!

It is always pleasing to see a mass of fine feeder roots.

On my last trip to Japan I purchased a pot with this tree in mind. It’s got really nice patina and will be perfect for the tree as it continues to develop. The maker is Hattori.

So another step taken in the development of this Trident Maple!

Trident Maple Air Layer Repot July 2017
Trident Maple Air Layer Repot July 2017