Bonsai Training Classes – Inspire Inform Involve

Bonsai Training Classes – Inspire Inform Involve


Introduction to Bonsai for the Beginner

This course covers the following:
• General Maintenance
• Pest Management
• Pruning
• Styling
• Basic Wiring and Fertilisation

Japanese Black Pine - Summer Care

This course covers the following:
• Candle cutting
• Needle Reduction and Energy Management
• Styling
• Pest Management
• Summer Care for your pine

Japanese Black Pine - Autumn Care

This course covers the following:
• Bud Selection
• Needle Reduction
• Pruning
• Wiring and Styling
• Autumn Fertilisation

Wiring Techniques and Tips

This course covers the following:
• Wiring Techniques
• Using the correct strength wire
• "Stepping Down"
• "Locking"
• Guidelines for high quality wiring of your bonsai


This course covers the following:
• Pot preparation and selection
• Root reduction
• potting medium preparation
• Securing your tree to the pot
• Care Guidelines Post Repotting

Juniper Care - Wiring and Styling

This Juniper Bonsai Training Course has been designed to provide you with the why, when and the how to successfully advance your Juniper Bonsai.

We will cover -
• Horticultural aspects of Feeding, Watering, Repotting, Propagation, Pests and Disease
• Creation of Jins and Shari, Preserving Deadwood
• Pruning and some very common mistakes corrected
• Wiring and styling your Juniper

Deciduous Defoliation
This course covers the following: • Why, When and How to Defoliate • Partial and Complete Defoliation • When not to Defoliate • How Often
Intermediate Bonsai Course

This runs over 4-6 sessions throughout the year to allow for a wide range of topics to be covered. There are four primary seasonal sessions with the topics to be covered specific to the time of year. You are invited to start the training at any time of the year.

Horticultural Principles – Feeding – when and what and why, Go from surviving to thriving, Watering, Pests (plants, insects, animals etc), Positioning

Wiring Techniques & Using Guy Wires

Repotting – Root work to maximize your nebari, Mix selection, Securing your tree, After care

Design Principles – Negative space, Triangulation & Creation of Depth, Branch Structure – Deciduous vs Conifer, Trunk and Branch Taper, Clip and Grow for ramification, Growth Patterns


Working with Japanese Black Pines – Summer and Autumn Seasonal work (These are nearly 2 of the sessions out of the four and will only be used with participants that are interested in learning more about JBPs)

Major Design Elements – Significant branch bending techniques, Using raffia/rubber, Leader Selection or Replacement, Sacrificial Branches, Primary Branch Development, 5 year project

Optional Additional Training Topics – ROR techniques, Aerial Layering, Slate planting, Jin and shari creation on junipers, Stock selection.

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Gift Vouchers Available

We also provide Gift Certificates which are a fantastic present. The Gift Vouchers can be used for our Bonsai Training Classes, Tools or Bonsai Services including maintenance and styling of your trees.

Gift Vouchers are also available for purchase. Click here for more details.

Private Training & Workshops

If you would prefer to learn in a private one-on-one environment then we can cater for that also.

All of our courses from Beginner, through the Intermediate Seasonal Courses and the more advanced Japanese Black Pine Training and Specialist Bonsai Courses can be catered for. We can also do a Workshop for a specific tree you would like to work on with Scott.

Together we can organise a suitable date and time and ensure your training needs are completely satisfied!

Prices vary accordingly so Click here to contact Bonsai Matsu and let us know how we can help!

Monthly Workshops Available

Running on a regular basis in Glen Waverley from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Bring along your trees, tools, wire and keen spirit and get your hands dirty taking your bonsai to the next level. The cost is only $30 per workshop and there is limited places available so booking early is essential. Email me for details.

ToolsBonsai Matsu specialises in Bonsai Training Classes and more specifically Bonsai Classes for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced hobbyist. The training starts with your area of need and then organically grows to include other areas of bonsai that are pertinent to the successful development and growth of your fantastic bonsai.

There is a maximum of 3-6 people per class. The Intermediate range of training classes cover the seasonal work required to keep your bonsai very healthy at different times of the year and looking beautiful. The Intermediate Classes are your next step from the Beginners Class.

Based in Glen Waverley, Victoria with Bonsai Training Classes times starting from 3 hours. Bring your trees to work on together or you may be able to train on some of my trees.

We also sell Bonsai Tools and Wire too which can be viewed on the day of your course or ordered here online.

*Session rates vary so please let me know which course you are interested in and I can let you know the cost.