Online Bonsai Training Session

Online Training or Demonstration Requirements

By using Zoom,  allows for an easy to use video meeting feed that is freely available on almost all platforms such as a Windows PC, OSX Mac, iPhone or Android Smartphone. Ensure this is installed at least the day before your scheduled appointment. Below are the links to download the software from.

For information on how to download Zoom please visit this link -

A link to a Zoom Meeting will be sent to you via email with your chosen date/time slot. After installing Zoom, all you will need to do is click on the link via the device you wish to use Zoom on. It will open the App and you can click "connect". Please ensure you are on time and ready for the online meeting to commence as allocated blocks will not be extended due to a late start or no show.

These sessions will have Scott demonstrating a technique and will not be interactive.


  • Zoom on your chosen device ready to go!