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We run many specialised boutique Bonsai services to help you with all things Bonsai! See below the list of services offered to find out more on how we can help.   • General Maintenance • Tree Minding • Repotting • Shaping & Styling • Pest & Disease Prevention • Show Preparation • Sell Your Bonsai • Bonsai Stock Sourcing & Supply • Product Sourcing from Japan • Collection & Delivery Services


Bonsai Matsu specialises in Bonsai Training Classes and more specifically Bonsai Classes for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced hobbyist.

The training starts with your area of need and then organically grows to include other areas of bonsai that are pertinent to the successful development and growth of your fantastic bonsai.

We also run workshops on a regular basis in Glen Waverley from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Bring along your trees, tools, wire and keen spirit and get your hands dirty taking your bonsai to the next level.

See Our Workshop and Training Classes.


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  • This mornings workshop was another gem learning experience, thank you. I enjoyed creating my bonsai design -a first for me. Your workshops are such a calm environment even though we are all busy challenging ourselves. Your repeated messages reinforce our knowledge acquisition & skills development & guide our endeavours. I encourage anyone who wants to develop bonsai with beauty & form to try a workshop-you won’t be disappointed.

    Margaret – East Melbourne
  • I have been coming to Scott’s classes & workshops since he started teaching about bonsai. During that time my trees have been transformed. It seems that no problem with style or health of the tree is too difficult to rectify! He is always willing to answer questions, to give advice and to take on more difficult aspects of working with trees.

    Scott’s enthusiasm, knowledge and enjoyment of bonsai are infectious. I would highly recommend anyone learning about bonsai from him.

    Fran November 2022
  • Thanks to the isolation created by the Corona virus Scott created video link one on ones so along with his expert advice I could still work on my trees and continue their progress.
    Although not knowing how it would go I had my first workshop tonight, it was fantastic and I came out of it extremely satisfied.
    Scott has such a good system set up in his workshop with 3 different cameras /views so he could look at my tree close up or I could look at his instruction on the whiteboard but for me the best thing by far is it forces the student to work on his/her own tree, well Scott can’t do it, and this is hands down the best way to learn especially if you need confidence in any area of bonsai.

    I have now done my first 2 jins – great stuff.
    The system is easy to set up and use, I hooked up with my laptop with no issues whatsoever so don’t let isolation prevent you from our bonsai workshops as this is a perfect way to diversify under the current conditions we are facing.
    Well done Scott

    I will be booking my second video workshop soon.

  • Hi Scott,

    I just wanted to send you a short note to say how great I thought the video workshop went the other night. It was good to have a workshop that was focused on the issues that I was having at the start of autumn. I also thought an hour was a good length for the start of the year and I felt that we covered a good number of topics around my trees. I particularly liked the fact that you had multiple cameras set up so that you could show different aspects as we went. And it was very useful for you to have similar trees on hand to demonstrate techniques that I could then copy on my own trees.

    I look forward to doing this again at the beginning of winter.


  • Just wanted to let you know as a first timer to Bonsai, I found the session extremely informative and really met my expectations.

    Your delivery method was excellent and I thought the session flowed seamlessly. There is no doubt I will contact you for advice, and to purchase some of my tools.

    Bonsai is definitely for me!

    George, October 2018
  • I very much enjoyed the course on Saturday. It was really informative and seemed to be very suited to our level of knowledge.  Your presentation was spot on and the  whole morning exceeded my expectations. March 2018

  • It was fantastic to meet with you and see what you are doing. I appreciate also your willingness to share your knowledge.The trees are going GREAT! I have put them in a shady spot with filtered sun and look at them/admire them frequently. There’s new growth appearing on all the trees. I am really thrilled with your work.

    Fran, Glen Waverley
  • The training session was most informative and will certainly assist my sharp learning curve.
    See you in the near future.

  • Just a note of thanks for your expertise and hands on teaching. Thanks to you my trees may soon be worthy of calling bonsai rather than little trees squashed in pots. With your further guidance I look forward to having healthy and pleasingly styled trees that will give me enjoyment for years and the confidence to continue to explore and create my own new bonsai. Thanks again.


    Box Hill North May 2014

    Rob, Box Hill North
  • I took part on Bonsai Matsu Beginners Course yesterday. Scott, the course provider made the 3 hours we spent together, very interesting. You can’t expect to become an expert in 3 hours but I was surprised how much he covered and showed us during the course time.

    Well and simply structured, the information was provided almost simultaneously with the practice part, making it easier to assimilate it.

    Scott has been doing Bonsai for over 15 years now and has done several training sessions in Nurseries in Japan, so he is very knowledgeable in the area.

    Scott started by showing us his Bonsai Samples (hundreds of them…) – which got us all nice and jealous.

    The highlights were the 50 year old stunning Japanese Maple and the several Cherry Trees in different stages and shapes.

    We were taught – and did it ourselves – how to do the Repotting, Pruning, Watering, Preparing the Potting Mix, Wiring and Growth Patterns. The best part was that we all got to bring back home our masterpieces, so hopefully, in 3 to 4 years time, we will start to see some results already on the Liquid Amber Tree that we worked on.

    Scott also sells Bonsai Tools and can advice you what you need to buy at each stage of the Bonsai Process.

    It was a very well spent afternoon and I do recommend his beginners Course for those who have been thinking on getting into Bonsai.

    Thank you Scott and see you soon,




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