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Bonsai Matsu has grown out of a love for bonsai in particular for the care, nurturing and development of bonsai at all stages of their life.
Whether developing raw stock or refining more advanced trees or providing the necessary seasonal work to ensure your bonsai develops to its utmost potential. We also have a strong focus on training in an environment where there is no fear of asking the wrong question. You will leave our training sessions with both the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to take the next step in your bonsai journey. With limited class sizes it is important to book in early. Bonsai Training Courses and Japanese Bonsai Tools can all be viewed online.

We provide high quality Bonsai Tools and if you are looking for a particular item then let Scott know. We have the contacts and facilities to import Japanese tools and specialty items from Japan. Our standard Bonsai Tools available online include the high Quality Kikuwa Bonsai Tools from Japan. These can be shipped Australia wide.

Bonsai Matsu can also manage your personal collection. With a number of customers all over Melbourne we can make regular visits to your home and either work with you or simply undertake the required care for your trees when convenient for you.

If you would prefer for the styling and maintenance of your bonsai to be done offsite, then Scott can do the work in his workshop and simply give you the finished tree.


Boutique Bonsai Services

We run many specialised boutique Bonsai services to help you with all things Bonsai! See below the list of services offered to find out more on how we can help.

• General Maintenance

• Tree Minding


• Shaping & Styling

• Pest & Disease Prevention

• Show Preparation

• Sell Your Bonsai

• Bonsai Stock Sourcing & Supply

• Product Sourcing from Japan

• Collection & Delivery Services

Workshops & Training

Bonsai Matsu specialises in Bonsai Training Classes and more specifically Bonsai Classes for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced hobbyist.

The training starts with your area of need and then organically grows to include other areas of bonsai that are pertinent to the successful development and growth of your fantastic bonsai.

We also run workshops on a regular basis in Glen Waverley from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Bring along your trees, tools, wire and keen spirit and get your hands dirty taking your bonsai to the next level.

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I started out doing a Beginners Course with Scott from Bonsai Matsu which quickly lead into continued monthly workshops. The amount of knowledge and helpful information packed into the Beginner Course was enough to get the Bonsai addiction running hot again. With the continued monthly workshops I’ve been able to keep on top of regular maintenance of my bonsai and my knowledge base has grown considerably and is continually doing so.

Scott has also been there to help outside the courses and workshop hours to help me purchase trees in which i have just successfully added my oldest tree (a 40 year old Japanese Wisteria) to my collection. Bonsai Matsu is a must for anyone interested in Bonsai. It will challenge and inspire you on every front of bonsai.

Matt – Brighton

I attended Scott’s Beginner class 4 months ago and since then I have not stopped Bonsai-ing! His class was full of easy-to-understand information and was just enough so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. The follow up service has also been excellent! I am so excited about my little collection of trees and I look forward to attending the Intermediate class, and workshops to add to my knowledge. Beware – Scott’s passion is contagious!


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